Sunday, September 2, 2012

Can Man Travel to Mars, and Beyond?

When it comes to space travel to other planets will we as humans ever travel further than our moon? Perhaps put a man on the surface of mars.

When traveling into space we know man has set foot on the surface of the moon. But is this only the beginning? Will we ever set foot on other planets?

When we think of space being as huge as it is with millions of stars and planets out there will it ever be possible for man to travel to them? The most likely planet for man to set foot on is perhaps mars.

So consider this, when earth and mars are in alignment with each other, and both planets are closes to each other, it takes a long eight months to travel to mars. So will it ever be possible for man to actually set foot on mars? It may happen in 2030, but think of the dedication it would take for man to reach the red planet.

First, having enough food for the travel to and from mars, and remembering that the journey is eight long months one way only, that is a very long time for man to travel. Again we must consider earth and mars alignment with each other.

Of course astronauts must wear space suits to survive the extreme cold temperatures of Minus Eighty One degrees Fahrenheit, and even colder.

The mars atmosphere has a very high percentage of carbon dioxide, and has a very small percentage of oxygen, and so does not have enough oxygen for humans to survive. And since there is no ozone layer on mars as on earth makes it very important for astronauts to protect themselves from the radiation, cold temperatures, and the lack of oxygen.

Mars appears not to have any water on the surface except for the ice caps. Scientists believe at one time there may have been liquid water on the surface of mars. This means it's possible some form of life may have been on the planet at one time.

Today by looking at mars you may think you were looking at a desert here on earth because of the similarities.

While every planet in our solar system are very different from earth is it at all possible there could be another earth somewhere else among all the stars? So far we have not yet found any such planet. And so what about other intelligent beings? Are we truly alone, or have we just not found any other intelligent beings yet? As for man setting foot on mars, but with terrible conditions on the planet man would not survive.

But still mars is the most likely planet for humans to live on in our solar system. So than will man ever be able to live on mars in the future?

Well, if humans would or would not ever live on the surface of mars is the big question. Of course it would not be easy for humans to live on mars, but it may be possible.

With low gravity, and mostly carbon dioxide on mars for starters we would have to bring our own oxygen to mars. However plants could generate oxygen. With little protection against radiation as mentioned before, and many meteorites that crash into mars, but would not burn as they do when entering earths atmosphere would be a concern. There are wind whirls that would also penetrate everything, so any motors, electrical items would have dust sticking all over them. And than in addition to the very cold temperatures it would not be simple for humans to travel, and some day live on mars, but is not totally out of the question.

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