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The 13 Base Harmonics Of Universal Tones

This is concerning isochronic tones and the Schumann resonance. I was meditating with a 432Hz Schumann resonance tone, and I noticed that these frequencies are closely related to my equations concerning gravitational force in my article "The theory of Time and Gravitation".

According to the equations in my last post " The theory of Time and Gravitation", the Schumann frequencies are a little bit off.

The standard equation for resonance states that (C / (2πr)) √(n(n+1) = Earth's resonant frequency = 7.8 to 8.6

My calculations from "The theory of Time and Gravitation": C m / (2π^2 r) = 7.782623Hz.

m = 1 meter or 3.281 feet.

Frequency = 1 / time

The resonant frequency of our solar/planetary system is equal to: (√C G) / (C G) = 7.083608085Hz.

Resonance is caused by the Galactic, Solar, and planetary motion through space time, and it is measured against the speed of light.

The speed of light 299,323,377.019201 m/sec. can also be seen as the 3rd harmonic base frequency of the SOURCE frequency = C^3 = 2.681772352 x 10^25cps. or Hz. Unfortunately this is too high in frequency for us to hear, we can only feel the vibrations of this frequency. Source energy is not to be confused with the Source of Universal infinite mind,or spirit = (God)

However, The 6th harmonic base frequency of 17,301Hz. can be used as a energy body expansion tool. √299,323,377.019201 = 17,301Hz.

We can take the square root of 17,301Hz and get a usable base harmonic frequency for the mind and material body. This is the 12th harmonic base frequency of the Source Energy.

√17,301Hz = 131.53Hz.

From the base harmonic frequencies we can multiply or divide by 2, 3, 4, 5,... to get the harmonics of the base harmonics.

Remember the audible range is 20Hz. to 20,000Hz. 17,301Hz - 131.53Hz is the total range of base harmonic Source Energy vibration that we can detect audibly.

G = 6.6581 x 10^-11sec. This is what modern science calls the gravitational constant, and is measured in(m^3/kg) This is actually what would follow the number, but this makes no sense at all. If mass 1: is made of sandstone and has no iron core, mass 2: is made of granite with a large iron core. Both masses are equal in size. There is no equality in mass, as mass 2 is much heavier than mass 1, even though they are the same size by volume.

Gravitation is measured by the distance the mass is away from the black hole, or mass that rotates the dark matter which carries everything in it's current.

I use seconds (sec) instead. It is what I call the Galactic time position. This gives us a better way to evaluate mass because it measures the orbital speed of the mass around the circumference of the Galactic and Universal centers against the speed of light, which gives us a precise measurement of mass because rotational and linear velocity are determined by the mass itself.

1 / time = frequency. So our Galactic frequency position is 15,019,299,800.2433 or about 15.02 GHz.

SOURCE frequency = C^3 = 2.681772352 x 10^25Hz.

Professor Einstein calculated that E = MC^2. What he did not calculate was the fact that we live in a Toroidal Universe that has an outside and an inside. The inside portion of our Universe is 3 dimensional, while the outside portion is 2 dimensional. The speed of light squared is the way we evaluate energy from our 3 dimensional perspective, while the speed of light^1 is how energy is evaluated from a 2 dimensional perspective. We live in a bi-polar Universe that evaluates energy from separate perspectives, yet it is 1 Universe. This implies that the overall SOURCE energy frequency and combined energy is C^3.

There is a hyper magnetic field dividing the 2, as any contact would spell the end of all things in this Universe. Positive and negative matter can't co-exist together, they explode violently upon contact.

I bring this to light in our discussion on frequency because C^3 is the real source of all frequencies concerning material existence. This is the speed of light cubed. Of course Source's true frequency can't be measured because the speed of thought is instantaneous and unmeasurable.

Galactic frequency position = 1 / G = 15,019,299,800.2433Hz.

Solar/planetary time position = C G =.01992924977sec.

Solar/planetary frequency position = 1 / (C G) = 50.1775035075Hz.

Identity frequency position = (C m)^2 / (2π^2 r)^2 = 60.5692249 Hz.

These are the core tone frequencies we will use to help with maximizing our meditations. From this point on we take the X root of the base frequencies to get a harmonic of that frequency. 3^√15019299800.2433Hz. = 2467.269341Hz. This is the 3rd harmonic of 1 / G.

I have purchased a tone generator to test my theory on this. So far the results are tremendous, and I would love to share them with anyone interested in testing new tones for brainwave enhancement. I am in the infancy of my brainwave engineering, but I think that my frequencies derived from the harmonics of SOURCE and resonant frequencies will change the way we look at brainwaves and how to enhance them forever.

The scale looks like this: From (√Base frequency) to (13^√Base frequency) I calculate that there are 13 root harmonics not 12. We have been programmed to see the # 13 as a bad number. This is a number that has a relation to the Fibonacci sequence and is related to the lunar cycle of our planet. We are supposed to have 13 months not 12, the 13th month is split from 14 days at the end of the year and 14 days into the new year, all months are 28.077 day periods. What I'm saying is that there are 12 root harmonics and 1 base frequency equaling 13. The base frequency is the 1st root harmonic.

Universal Base Harmonics; All numbers are measured in Hertz


1) 2.681772352^25--- 8.959448403^16---------- 299323377.019201

2) 5.178583158^12--- 299323377.019201------- 17300.96463668.9292893

3) 299323377.02------ 447466.3941-------------- 668.9292893

4) 2275650.026------- 17300.96463-------------- 131.5331313

5) 121810.4024------- 2457.289102-------------- 49.57105105

6) 17300.96463------- 668.9292893-------------- 25.86366736

7) 4291.723147------- 264.0915269-------------- 16.25089311

8) 1508.525779------- 131.5331313-------------- 11.46878944

9) 668.9292893------- 76.48685574-------------- 8.745676403

10) 349.0134702------ 49.57105105------------- 7.040671207

11) 204.9626452------ 34.76293844------------- 5.896010383

12) 131.5331313------ 25.86366736------------- 5.085633428

13) 90.37170023------ 20.13824575------------- 4.487565682


1 / G; All numders are measued in Hertz

1) 15019299800.2433

2) 122553.2529

3) 2467.269341

4) 350.0760673

5) 108.4750696

6) 49.67161504

7) 28.43197955

8) 18.71031981

9) 13.51259792

10) 10.41513656

11) 8.416857442

12) 7.047809237

13) 6.064838026


ASCENDING; All numbers are measured in Hertz

13)1.130599592^11---- 3.84271437^11

12)1.596078691^10---- 4.937556706^10

11)2253200166--------- 6344334728

10)318086508.9--------- 815192321.6

9)44904588.88---------- 104745186

8)6339225.483---------- 13458853.45

7)894914.7676---------- 1729346.647

6)126336.008------------ 222206.1364

5)17834.97992----------- 28551.57301

4 )2517.781858----------- 3668.631005

3) 355.4377695------------471.3874589

2) 50.1775035075---------60.5692249

1) 7.083608085------------7.782623266

---√(C G) / (C G)---------------C m / (2π^2 r)

Resonant frequency base & root harmonics Base = 1st root

DESCENDING; All numbers are measured in Hertz

------1 / (C G)--------------(C m)^2 / (2π^2 r)^2

1) 50.1775035075----- 60.5692249

2) 7.083608085-------- 7.782623266

3) 3.688385873-------- 3.927208919

4) 2.661504854-------- 2.78973534

5) 2.188274553-------- 2.272220131

6) 1.920517085-------- 1.981718678

7) 1.749564123-------- 1.797245608

8) 1.63141192--------- 1.670250083

9) 1.545060358-------- 1.577712992

10) 1.479281769------- 1.507388514

11) 1.427551326------- 1.452188224

12) 1.38582722-------- 1.407735301

13) 1.351376158------- 1.371185806

From these base frequencies we can establish the full range of frequencies by finding the natural harmonics = N x root frequency

Example: 2(60.5692249 Hz.) = 121.1384498Hz. or the 2nd harmonic of the identity resonant frequency base harmonic.

The mean resonant frequency is (7.782623Hz + 7.083608085Hz) / 2 = 7.441328121Hz.

The square of these resonant frequencies are equal to the solar/planetary time position frequencies. See my article: "The theory of Time and Gravitation" for more information on this.

7.083608085Hz^2 = 50.17750351 Hz

7.441328121Hz^2 = 55.3733642046Hz

7.782623Hz^2 = 60.5692249018Hz.

This gives us the foundation for the harmonic tones we should be using in our daily meditations.

Low harmonic frequency = (7.083608085Hz)(50.17750351Hz. ) = 355.4377695502Hz

Low mean harmonic frequency = (7.083608085Hz)(55.3733642046Hz) = 392.2432103952Hz

True mean harmonic frequency = (7.441328121Hz)(55.3733642046Hz) = 412.051372211Hz

High mean harmonic frequency = (7.782623Hz)(55.3733642046Hz) = 430.95003258Hz

High harmonic frequency = (7.782623Hz)(60.5692249018Hz) = 471.387458929Hz

Base harmonic frequencies in order, from lowest to highest, and a prescribed daily usage for each frequency.

50Hz.; 3.6 cps. pulse for 25 minutes/day

55Hz.; 3.6 cps. pulse for 27.5 minute/day

55Hz.; 3.7 cps. pulse for 27.5 minute/day

55Hz.; 3.9 cps. pulse for 27.5 minute/day

61Hz.; 3.9 cps. pulse for 30 minute/day

355Hz.; 7.1 cps. pulse for 50 minutes/day

392Hz.; 7.1 cps. pulse for 55 minutes/day

412Hz.; 7.4 cps. pulse for 55 minutes/day

431Hz.; 7.8 cps. pulse for 55 minutes/day

471Hz.; 7.8 cps. pulse for 60 minutes/day

We can continue the quest for usable frequencies by simply adding or subtracting combinations of any 2 of these base frequencies together to get a harmonic total. The frequencies used can be from any base or harmonic group. This is called mixing, and is applied to radio tuners of all sorts.

The base and then the following natural harmonic frequencies are the most powerful of the tones. Subdividing the tones weakens the vibrational connection to us, but they are still useful. Also the higher you go up the harmonic scale, the weaker the connection is to our physical bodies. The higher the frequency is, the closer to source energy the vibration is.

431Hz - 392Hz = 39Hz @ (7.8cps + 7.1cps) / 2 = 7.45cps. pulse for 55 minutes/day

431Hz - 55Hz = 376Hz @ (7.8cps + 3.6cps) / 2 = 5.7cps. pulse for (55min. + 27.5min.) / 2 = 41.25 minutes/day

To be a usable frequency, it must be in the range of 20Hz. to 20k Hz. Lower frequencies are generally better for connecting to the physical body because they are closer to the base frequencies of our solar system and planet.

The second harmonic frequency of the Base harmonic frequencies is calculated simply by multiplying and dividing any of the Base harmonic frequencies by 2.

50Hz. @ 3.6 cps. pulse for 25 minutes/day) x 2 = 100Hz. @ 5.4 cps. pulse for 37.5 minutes/day

55Hz. @ 3.6 cps. pulse for 27.5 minute/day) x 2 = 110Hz. @ 5.4 cps. pulse for 41.25 minutes/day

55Hz. @ 3.7 cps. pulse for 27.5 minute/day) x 2 = 110Hz. @ 5.55 cps.pulse for 41.25 minutes/day

471Hz. @ 7.8 cps. pulse for 60 minutes/day) x 2 = 942Hz. @ 11.7 cps. pulse for 90 minutes/day

The third harmonic frequency of the Base harmonic frequencies is calculated like the second harmonic frequency, by multiplying any of the Base harmonic frequencies by 3.

50Hz. @ 3.6 cps. pulse for 25 minutes/day) x 3 = 150Hz. @ 6 cps. pulse for 37.5 minutes/day

471Hz. @ 7.8 cps. pulse for 60 minutes/day) x 3 = 1413Hz. @ 13 cps. pulse for 100 minutes/day

Various frequencies have different applications. The lower frequencies are good for the centering of the mind, also the contraction of the energy body to the lower body, while the higher frequencies are good for the expansion of the mind, energy body, and getting into a closer vibrational pattern to source energy.

Use them as often as possible to promote unity within the mind, body, and energy

Forth harmonic frequency is as follows:

50Hz. @ 3.6 cps. pulse for 25 minutes/day) x 4 = 200Hz. @ 6.3 cps. pulse for 43.75minutes/day

471Hz. @ 7.8 cps. pulse for 60 minutes/day) x 4 = 1884Hz. @ 13.65 cps. pulse for 105 minutes/day

These frequencies are currently under testing. From the 6 frequencies that I have tested with a single tone process, I have had results that far exceeded my expectations. These tones took me to an Alpha state or higher, almost instantly. Some of my writing has been affected greatly by the use of these tones, and I expect even better results with the rest of the tones.

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